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Want to receive a session from the convenience of your home? Now is a good time to benefit from energy sessions done remotely. Reiki, BodyTalk and Biofield Tuning are healing modalities that are done in person, and remotely, over the phone.  

Many people report that distant sessions are more powerful than in person sessions.  

The practitioner does this by focusing on your energetic being, and by tuning in, conducts the healing session on an energetic level.

Quantum physics helps explain how remote energy sessions work:  just as photons of light are simultaneously particles (matter) and waves (energy); we are also both matter and energy.  

We are physical bodies - a mass of particles. And we are vibrations that emit waves - waves that carry information that go into a universal field of energy.  

It's like two people listening to the radio - both healer and receiver tune into the same radio channel.  Both of us want to listen to the same song, while sitting in our own living rooms, maybe even in different time zones. The healer tunes into you or your 'song', a certain frequency that you broadcast. Healing occurs by virtue of you intending to receive the healing information and the practitioner intending to share the healing information, while both people are tuned into the same channel.

A person doesn't necessarily have to understand the physics of how it works. If someone wants to receive a healing session, that is all that is needed - an intention to receive. A practitioner can only access a person's energy with their permission and participation.

For remote sessions, we can stay on the phone during the session. Some people prefer to chat at the start of the session and then again at the end, since most of the session is quiet with the healer's focused concentration. All you have to do is be in a quiet place to relax.  Your relaxation will increase your awareness of shifts happening on all levels - energetic, physical, emotional and mental levels. Please refrain from driving or operating machinery during the session.  For a Biofield Tuning session, some clients prefer sessions while on the phone. They can then hear the changes in tones as the forks work through their biofield.

Some benefits reported from distance sessions include people feeling more energized, more hopeful, having better mental clarity, less anxiety, and feeling more calm and centered.