Biofield Tuning uses sound to find areas of harmony and disharmony in and around the body (an area that scientists call the biofield), and, when regulated, creates a deeply relaxing and clearing effect.

During a session, a client lies comfortably, fully clothed, on a treatment table while I use a tuning fork to scan the body and biofield.  

I listen to varying changes in tones and vibrations. Areas of the biofield that are open, create a harmonious and resonant sound. Areas with stuck energies, often relating to holding unproductive physical, mental and emotional patterns, show up as 'tangled' wave forms that have resistance and create dissonant sounds.  
Bioflield Tuning uses sound to detect dissonance, and to resolve it. The vibrations of specific tuning forks create wavefronts that meet the 'tangles' and open up space between molecules of the tangled mass. (in the same way that sound waves break up kidney stones in lithotripsy treatments).

When there is a release of a 'tangle' in a person's biofield, a corresponding release creates more order and better functioning in the body and the mind.

The body makes adjustments easily and naturally. It uses sources of information of harmony in its environment, including the tuning fork's vibrational frequencies, to be whole and efficient. When a person hears and feels the sounds of dissonance, it helps the body become aware of and dissolve unproductive patterns and assume new, more productive patterns. The body's intelligence then uses energy that was 'stuck' in its biofield towards its best potential.

Research shows that Biofield Tuning is effective for reducing pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, feeling 'stuck' and generally works well to increase clarity of mind and physical energy levels. It is not suitable for people with pacemakers, recent concussions, who are pregnant or undergoing treatment for cancer.  Sessions can be done in person, or by distance.

For a Biofield Tuning session, please contact Michelle at or at 416.453.3862