You Deserve to Feel Amazing !


What’s stopping you? Maybe it’s external stress – your work, your home, your finances, relationships with your family or friends, unfortunate events. Maybe it’s internal stress – past trauma, depression, anxiety, pain, your heart, your gut, your belief systems.


Both BodyTalk and Reiki can help rebalance your energies and help your body-mind communicate better with itself and your environment so that you can better handle the stress in your life.  My own life has been transformed by both Reiki and BodyTalk and I’ve seen the same changes in the people who come for sessions. They come in stressed, anxious or ill and they leave calmer, more relaxed, more willing and capable to make choices in their lives that lead them to peace, health and productivity. Even one small shift in your energy or perspective can, over time, help you create a new path towards the life you want to live. What brought you to this website? Do you want to reduce stress, restore your physical, mental and emotional balance and rediscover your own health and well-being?  Click any of the tabs to the right to learn more.


Appointments are available four days  a week: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Biofield Tuning sessions available on Sundays. Please inquire!


Click here to book an appointment. Same day appointments are sometimes available (phone to check availability).


To reach me by phone call  416-432-5720.



Be well.