Ahh spring. You may be teasing us but we know you're nearby! Spring is a time for renewal and new growth. Have you found this website because you've lost your spring - your ability to bounce back from life's stresses, injuries, hardships or traumas? Reiki and/or BodyTalk can help you find spring again.


Imagine driving down the road and you make a slight change in the the rotation of your steering wheel. You're headed in a new direction with even one small turn of the wheel! BodyTalk and Reiki can help facilitate those shifts in your energy or perspective so that you can begin to move down a new path towards the life you want to live - one that's healthier in body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Book an appointment by clicking the link to the right and welcome back spring.

Appointment are available three days  a week:

  • Saturdays 9 - 2
  • Mondays 10 - 9
  • Thursdays 3 - 9

All the best,